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  How Celebrities Lose  weight?
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Get Inspire From Celebrities To Weight Loss: *
Get Inspire From from Karenna's Zero Size Weight loss and Start Loosing Weight and look More Younger and Fit and Avoid Heart Attack,Bp, PCOD, PCOS , Get Balance Diet and Eat Nutritious food consulting from Diet4Inida Call Now              
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Join Personalised Weight Loss Packages for People who is Suffering from Hypothyroid, Pcod, Pcos, BP, Cholesterol Etc, Our Doctors and Dietician Give You Diet consultation as per your medical History *
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Weight Loss Massage at Home Package: I this Package we will send train massue at your Doorstep for Female we send Female massue & For Male we will send Male massue as per your request, She/ He will give 1 hrs Session in this session, you will get 1/2 Hrs Machine therapy and 1/2 Hrs Massage therapy, they will give all over body massage, they will mostly target your cellulite Potation in this case you lose inches wise and get proper shaping, toning & Tightening , Forming , in hand massage she will apply Ayurvedic Massage oil,  *
HOW Our Diet Package Works Question & Answered:

1. How Diet4india Work to Give you Safe Weight Loss  ?
We Work on Low Carbohydrate Diet, We will provide personalized Low carb Diet to every Diet4india's clients, With  Our Diet packages Which Contain Raw Food material Which you have to use as per our Dietician Prescription , As you Register for  5 Kg, 10 kg, 15 kg , upto 40 Kg Diet Packages, *

Call For Register on phone @ +91 9890222689 , 9225225161


2. What are Diet4india packages Contains ?
Our Diet packages Contain Raw Food material Which you have to use as per our Dietician Prescription  Which contain Roosted and Toasted Soya Flour , Soya Protein flour, Guar gum flour (which is made from Guar been Seeds) , Rajama flour, With  personalized Diet plan and Dietician follow-ups over phone till you lose weight  . 

3. . How many kgs weight can I lose by your package ?
You May lose from 1 kgs to 8 kgs in 8000 Rs packages, upto 40 kg to call our sales person @ 09225225161, by our different kgs weight loss packages. Also big packages for losing 20-30, 60 kgs are also available  * . 

4. What are Advantages in diet4Indias packages ?
 Biggest Advantage in Diet4india packages is that You can Do Weight Loss program from anywhere all over  Global Because We send our weight loss package at your Dower Step By Courier and Consultation how to user over the Phone, Email And SMS.

* Disclaimer:
Clients following our program, The Results varies from person to person as per there Metabolic rate, Commitment & Medical history.

5. What i can eat  while in Diet4Indias weight loss program ?
Yes In Veg Diet: You can Eat @ Home All Green Vegetables, Salad, Paneer, Butter Mink , Ghee, Cheese  etc. but  not compulsory it is optional .

 In NonVeg Diet: You can Eat @ Home Eggs, Chicken, Mutton , Fish Etc. but  not compulsory it is optional.

 In Drinks:  @ home you can have Green Tea, Tea/  Coffee with Sugar free, Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Whiskey,
 Rum, Wine, Vodka , but  not compulsory it is optional.


6. Is the weight loss well Maintained even after stopping the package?
Ya sure , for that purpose the maintenance pack is given that is just for one month .Later you can just follow the healthy regulations given in maintenance pack and have healthy weight thereafter. 

7. Who can Join Diet4indias packages ? 
Everyone can Join our packages  Male/ Female / children's   from age 8 to age 75 .its completely safe. 

8.Can Thyroid /  Pcod / Pcos / BP patients take Diet4india  packages ?
Yes ,  thyroid / Pcod / Pcos / BP patients can take ,we have special packages for them . 

9. What kind of meals can I take ? 
Your Home Meals include Veg: Soya roti , sabji , tea ,coffee ,fruits , ,salads , mix veg ,Brown rice , pulses ,beans & Non veg: Eggs, Chicken, Mutton , Fish Etc. but  not compulsery it is optional

10.How can I receive the package at home ?
Very easy, just Call +91 9890222689 , 9225225161 Or Email:

to Our Expert  will take your info. & Join you, and within 3 days you will receive the package . 

11.What is the mode of payment ?
In Mumbai, Thane, Vashi, Virar, Dhanu, Panvel : Cash on Delevery , Outside Mumbai By Courier
Payment  Deposited into Our Provided Saving Accounts

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Call Weight Loss Massage @Home and get Tummy Tuck / Body Shape Massage with hand & Body Toning Machine Call +91 9890222689 *
* Disclaimer: Clients following our program, The Results may varies from person to person as per there Metabolic rate, Commitment & Medical history

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